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International Volleyball

5 Essential Skills Every Successful Volleyball Player Must Have

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Volleyball may not seem much to non-enthusiasts, but it is one of the most exciting sporting activities in the world today. Although the sport may not be as competitive as American football, it also does not require the intense physicality of rugby. Like every other sport, it is not a game everyone can play.

For those who are interested and willing to learn the sport, it is essential to know that there’s more to volleyball than meets the eye. Hence, an individual who seeks to learn, understand and succeed in it should be ready to go through some foundational skills for better results. For starters, the ability to possess speed, power, calculative reasoning, agility, and balance is required of every interested player. These innate abilities help groom the essential skills for a successful volleyball career.

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Essential Skills Required of Every Successful Volleyball Player

There are five essential skills every successful volleyball player must have, and this article talks about them. So, let’s dive in quickly!

1. Serving

Serving is the most fundamental among all skills in the books. It is an individual skill, as the challenge is between the player and the ball. A good serve can win points for the team and go on to secure a victory over the opposing team. Although the act may look very easy when watching from the sides, there are actualdetails involved that you should know. 

It is worth noting that a player without basic serving skills should not be a starting player on the court. An interesting thing about this particular skill is that the team serving has control of the game’s tempo at that time. Hence, strategy, game flow, and team balance depend on making the right serves.

2. Setting

On the hierarchy of game positioning, a setter is one of the most critical individuals on the court. The skill requires great perfecting, and experience is the core ability of whoever is given the responsibility.

Regardless, every player in a volleyball team should learn and practice the act of setting. So in cases where the designated person is unavailable, anyone can coordinate the game’s flow. The skill relies on the lower body and the power of the hands. A setter must have good…

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