Friday, 22 September 2023

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The outside hitter’s Olympic Qualifier credo is ‘nothing to lose, everything to gain’


Ajcharaporn Kongyot or Pure has come a long way in becoming bolder and braver, as she departs from being the team’s neophyte and turning into a true leader and motivator.

Pure is one of Thailand’s key players leading their Olympic qualification campaign and the outside hitter has expressed that they will fight with great strength and endurance, and a lot of perseverance, highlighting that they have nothing to lose as a team.

“The Paris Qualifier is challenging, truly demanding. However, we have nothing to lose. We must put in everything because it’s our first opportunity. If we succeed, it means we can secure our ticket to the Olympics,” the 28-year-old said.

“There’s nothing to lose for us, we are already the underdogs. We should just enjoy ourselves, show our best performance, take it point by point, match by match, solely for our sake.”

The Thai outside hitter will play in her third Olympic Qualification Tournament, after competing in the last two qualification cycles. She is aware that although it is a tough task, it is not an impossible one. And although failure is a possibility, it is not a deterrent to their careers as athletes.

Thailand are in Pool C in Lodz, Poland. They will compete against three-time VNL winners and reigning Olympic champions USA, 2022 VNL champions Italy, 2023 VNL bronze medalists and hosts Poland, Germany, Colombia, Korea, Slovenia from September 16-24.

“I am aware that this tournament is tough, but we must help each other as much as possible. Personally, I feel significantly less pressure because once we saw the draw, I just thought we had nothing to lose. We must give it a shot and give it our all. If we succeed, then it will be a complete victory for us. If we can’t then we must fight again. It’s not limited to this moment alone. It has transformed into a mentality that we have to persevere,” the outside hitter explained.

“I don’t believe that going to the Olympics is the sole determinant of our success. Going to the Olympics is an honor for us. If we achieve it, it signifies our reward. If we perform well, it aligns with what we have been waiting for and what we have planned. It matches the effort athletes invest in this tournament. However, if we are unable to make it, it doesn’t imply that our careers as athletes have failed.”

Accepting defeat has been part of their…

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