Sunday, 3 December 2023

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Award Season: Nominations Now Open – | Club Volleyball | High School Volleyball

Awards Season Approaching: Nominations Now Open – | Club Volleyball | High School Volleyball

Award Season is here and with it comes the nomination period. Below, coaches, and ONLY coaches, will have the opportunity to nominate players for our various annual high school awards, including a new one for 2023, an All-Region Team.

Below you will find the links for nomination forms for our National and Regional Awards, including Fall Stars for The Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class, as well as our All-American, All-Region, National Player of The Year, and The Andi Collins Award.

The National Coach Of The Year and National Team Of The Year finalists will be selected by our writing staff, however those wishing to nominate a team or coach may email Jimmy Pompeo directly ( in support of a specific candidate. Please submit any nominations By 11/27/23.

You can find the remaining nomination forms below!

High School All-American
The High School All-American Award selection is the pinnacle of high school volleyball awards, reserved for those players who have stood out and risen above the rest of the competition via statistical impact as well as team success on a national level.
NOTE: Nominees For The All-American Award May Also Be Considered For National Player Of The Year
Nominations Close: 12/22/23

High School All-Region
The High School All-Region Award selection is for those players who may not have the opportunity to see consistent national level competition but are standout performers for their specific geographic region of the country.
Nominations Close: 12/8/23

Fall Stars
The Fall Star Award is divided by graduating class, and gives the opportunity for coaches to nominate players who were strong standouts in their state and classification, but may not garner the national attention as those states or classifications that are bigger or who are more recognized within the sport.
Nominations Close: 12/1/23

Andi Collins Award
Presented in recognition of the nation’s most outstanding senior setter, in honor of the late Mater Dei High School (CA) setter, Andi Collins, who succumbed to a battle with cancer in September of her senior year. This award is one of our most special distinctions and recognizes the best senior setter in the nation.
Nominations Close: 12/22/23


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