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How Can High Yield Seeds Help Professional Volleyball Players?

How Can High Yield Seeds Help Professional Volleyball Players?

Volleyball is a fast-paced team sport that involves a significant amount of quick and repetitive overhead motions that wear on sensitive body parts like shoulders, knees, fingers, and wrist joints. Also, intensive practice leads to cramps and muscle pain. In the heat of the moment, players can make movements that can cause injuries to their bodies. So, it is vital to have food supplements and effective treatments in place that will help players recover and get back into sports as quickly as possible. In this post, let’s discuss how cannabis and its high yield seeds can facilitate the healing process of athletes and affect their physical activity.

Overview of Cannabis Seeds

Weed seeds have an undeniable beauty and appeal. Their shell comes in various shades of olive-green and brown and has a glossy wax coating. Some seeds have a homogeneous coloration, while others feature tiger stripes. They don’t contain CBD or THC, unlike other parts of cannabis plants (stalks, leaves, and flowers), and don’t induce psychoactive effects. Technically, they are nuts and can be eaten raw, cooked, or roasted. Often, they are cold-pressed to produce hemp seed oil and are used for non-dairy hemp milk.

For centuries, cannabis seeds have been ingested and used for topical application to prevent and treat certain health issues. They are a rich source of plant-based protein, which is well absorbed by the human body. So, many manufacturers add them to various nutritional products (yogurt, bars, and cookies) to increase physical energy. Hemp seeds contain vitamins B and E, iron, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. They have high levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and other bioactive compounds.

Health-Positive Properties of Hemp Seeds

Playing volleyball involves strenuous physical activity and demands jumping with little wind-up, tight turns, and quickly generated power shots. Professional players often overtrain, push their bodies to the limit, get too little sleep, and continue to play despite acute pain. Since hemp seeds come with numerous health benefits, their regular use can help athletes with injuries and promote their overall well-being. Modern studies have backed up some of these theories.

Immune System Support

High-yield seeds promote the elimination of toxins, support the recovery process, and strengthen the immune system. They provide amino acids that help repair the cells and reduce susceptibility to diseases.

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