Thursday, 23 March 2023

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JVA Announces Grant of $150,000 to First Point Volleyball Foundation to Expand Partnership to Grow Boys’ Volleyball

JVA Announces Grant of $150,000 to First Point Volleyball Foundation to Expand Partnership to Grow Boys’ Volleyball

(MILWAUKEE, WI) – First Point Volleyball Foundation, the preeminent nonprofit foundation growing boys’ and men’s volleyball in America, and Junior Volleyball Association (JVA), a leading association in the growth of club youth volleyball in America have announced a renewed commitment to jointly provide more opportunities for boys to play volleyball.

The Board of Directors of JVA approved a grant of $150,000 to be paid $50,000 per year to First Point for various grow-the-game initiatives. Previously, JVA had supported First Point Volleyball with a multi-year $125,000 grant – bringing JVA’s total undesignated support to First Point to $275,000.

We could not be more pleased about our ongoing and expanded partnership with JVA,” said Wade Garard, Co-Founder and CEO of First Point Volleyball Foundation. “Growing boys’ volleyball at the middle school and high school level is a strategic objective of both of our organizations and a priority for all JVA clubs and club directors.”

Funds contributed to First Point by JVA and other stakeholders will be used to further First Point’s initiatives in four key areas (1) ) Creation of more collegiate programs, scholarships and roster opportunities; (2) High school growth and advocacy [with a goal to get high school boys’ volleyball as a sanctioned sport in all 50 states by 2028]; (3) Middle school growth and advocacy; and (4) Opportunities for kids to learn and compete in volleyball especially in under-resourced areas of the country.

“First Point has been a valued partner to our organization and those passionate about the growth of boys’ and men’s volleyball,” said Jenny Hahn, Executive Director of the JVA. “Considering how First Point has put philanthropic dollars to work successfully to create more opportunities, it was a logical decision to double our annual support to First Point each year for the next three years.”

First Point’s volunteer vice chairman and President of the Executive Committee Marin Gjaja expressed his gratitude for all of those who invest in young people. “We appreciate JVA as well as every association and volleyball stakeholder who wants the boys’ game to grow, for investing impact dollars with First Point Volleyball. Our Board of Directors are made up of a talented, thoughtful and generous group of volunteer donors. They serve as excellent stewards of funds contributed by all of our donors including the JVA.”

“JVA is proud to be advocating for the growth…

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