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Most interesting content from 2022

Inside Minnesota volleyball, with shin guards

I posted in my 2022 review the most-read posts from the blog last year. Here I want to share with you the most-read pieces of content I shared with subscribers to my weekly newsletter. This is the top 10 based on reader clicks.

  1. Get Rid of “Time Sucks” in Practice – Jim Stone
  2. 6 Game Changing Weapons for Setters – JVA blog
  3. Move your feet or move your platform? – this blog
  4. Get Quality Practices Using Logistics –
  5. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Serve Zones – Joe Trinsey
  6. Rethinking Timeouts – Jim Stone
  7. Using exercise as punishment – Twitter thread from Steve Magness (author of Do Hard Things)
  8. 5 coaching practices that help learning – Facebook post from Dan Abrahams
  9. USA Volleyball Coach Academy
  10. A story about how a coach, despite good intentions, messed up an athlete – Facebook post from Dan Abrahams

It’s interesting that there’s more diversity of contribution to this list for 2022 than was the case in 2021. Last time around there were only 5 different contributors whereas this time there were 8. It’s the same when you look broader at the top 40 or so links. I wonder if that’s more about my selection of content to share or something else.

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