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Volleyball at the 2024 Olympics – What You Need to Know

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The late running of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo means that they feel like they only took place yesterday. And for fans of volleyball, the Olympics were an exciting exhibition of the sport in both indoor and beach formats.

2020 Recap

The United States topped the 2020 Olympics volleyball medal table with two golds, both picked up by its women’s teams. In the men’s tournaments, France secured gold in the indoor competition, while Norway took the glory on the beach. Other medals were won by Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Qatar, Serbia, and Switzerland.

Eyes on 2024

The 2024 Summer Olympic Games will be hosted in the French capital, Paris. The city will welcome the festival of athletics for the third time in its modern era, having previously taken on hosting duties in 1900 and 1924. The games will begin with the opening ceremony on 26th July and run until 11th August, with more than 10,000 athletes due to take part.

It may seem like the 2024 Olympics are a long way away, but now that we’re in 2023, there is just one year to wait. This means that for Olympians and athletes hoping to become Olympians, the race is on to secure a place in the competition, with many taken already. Volleyball is certainly no exception to this rule. However, there will be several changes (and many similarities) between 2020 and 2024. So here are the things you need to look out for.

The Fan Experience

Aside from changes to the games and qualification system, the overall fan experience will mostly remain the same. Volleyball and all other events will be broadcast on TV by a range of international partners. Of course, getting to the games in person will be overall easier, and Europeans will find the journey much shorter.

For those that enjoy making bets on volleyball (and other Olympic sports), most major sportsbooks will be offering betting markets on the games, just as they have done in previous years. As we saw for the 2020 games, we can expect sites like OddsChecker to collate all the free bet offers that fans can take advantage of during the Olympics so that they can get better value from their wagering.


Qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games will heat up in 2023. France, as the host, is automatically granted spots for the men’s and women’s competitions, but the other countries that want to take part will have to earn a place. Therefore, there are a total of 44 spots up for grabs, 11 for each tournament.

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