Saturday, 30 September 2023

NCAA Womens Volleyball

“We Know We Can Play With Anybody At Any Time.”

“We Know We Can Play With Anybody At Any Time.”

The team’s 10-day foreign tour across Europe was also a point of discussion in Chicago, with the players raving about what the experience meant to them both individually and as a team.

“First of all, I think it was awesome just sightseeing and seeing everything — it was my first time to Europe in general, so it was quite the experience,” Csire said. “Then, just seeing the way that they play volleyball over there, it’s a lot different. They have a higher IQ it seems like. So I was able to bring a lot of their game into my game.”

“I think the team bonding is probably the biggest thing that will stick with me,” Dowler added. “Having the freshmen there, doing these huge experiences like cliff-jumping together or riding down the Alpine Swiss slide, I think those are some bonding moments that really knit you close together. I’m excited to see how that meshes us on the court, too.”

Throughout the entire day in Chicago, one thing was clear: the 2023 Maryland volleyball expects big things out of themselves—and they can hardly wait to get back on the court to showcase it. 

Dowler summed up the sentiment perfectly and succinctly. 

“I’m trying to win every game.”

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