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Xu heads China’s mission to reclaim Paralympic Gold in Paris Xu heads China’s mission to reclaim Paralympic Gold in Paris

Xu heads China's mission to reclaim Paralympic Gold in Paris Xu heads China's mission to reclaim Paralympic Gold in Paris

China captain Xu Yixiao is on a mission to reclaim the top spot on the Paralympic podium in Paris. As she prepares for the biggest sporting event of the year, her focus reflects the spirit of an athlete who has turned adversity into a powerful source of motivation. Under her leadership, the team is determined to regain their dominance in Paralympic women’s sitting volleyball.

Her leadership style is rooted in her experience and the camaraderie she shares with her teammates. Having competed in multiple editions of the Paralympic Games, her team knows how to handle the pressures and demands of intense competition. She emphasizes the importance of staying calm and collected, especially against strong rivals like the United States.

“Most of my teammates have participated in previous Paralympic Games and have rich experience and a collaborative spirit. Especially in the face of old opponents such as the United States, emotions naturally run high. As a captain, I remind everyone to keep calm and focused. I set myself as an example, manage the pressure of the game, and maintain optimal performance,” Xu explained.

The preparations for Paris 2024 have significantly bolstered the team’s confidence. “NPC China places great importance on the upcoming Paris Paralympic Games. Since last year, the teams have started active and organised training preparations. The training bases, team leaders, and coaches have also developed thorough training plans.

“As the captain, my role is twofold – first, to lead by example in completing the coach’s training plan, and second, to serve as a bridge of communication between teammates and coaches. This involves promptly identifying problems, reporting them, and resolving them. The whole team works together to face the challenges of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games in the best possible state.” she noted.

Xu highlighted the importance of continuous improvement as a reflection of their past achievements.

“Since women’s sitting volleyball was officially included in the sport programme of the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, more and more countries around the world have participated, and the level of competition has increased significantly. Each edition has become more fiercely competitive than the last,” she said.

“In terms of experiences and lessons learned, we have an old saying in sports, ‘Once you step of the podium, everything starts from scratch.’

“Achievements can only represent the past and do not…

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