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Ames Honors Friend’s Legacy Through Pink Ribbon

Ames Honors Friend’s Legacy Through Pink Ribbon

When Ames was a freshman at Desert Vista High School in Ahwatukee, she was immediately taken under junior Alex Depriest’s wing. Ames said that Depriest became sort of a big sister to her and helped her navigate her freshman season.

“She was very loud and outspoken, you could hear her from a mile away,” said Ames. “We instantly became close. She was always driving me to practice and home from practice, everything.”

What Ames remembers vividly about Depriest is how she treated everybody around her. Something that she will never forget and tries to duplicate in her life. 

“It didn’t matter who you were, age or anything; she was kind to everyone,” Ames said. 

Sadly, their friendship was short-lived. On April 3, 2018, Depriest passed away due to diabetes complications. 

“When she passed away, I had a tournament that coming weekend, and I just put a ribbon in my hair,” said Ames. “It’s not even like I put much thought into it. I just thought, I’m going to wear a pink ribbon. I didn’t know if it would stick or not for every single game. But then, it just became like you never saw me playing a game or tournament without a pink ribbon.”

Ames always knew she had to honor her friend in one way or another, and when asked why pink, she mentioned that it was Depriest’s favorite color.

Ames will always remember and cherish the memories made and hold close the time she spent with Depriest.

“The people that she met and she touched were much larger than her years of life,” said Ames. 

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