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Crimson Collective Launches New Website and Membership Program to Strengthen NIL Support for Utah Student-Athletes

Crimson Collective Launches New Website and Membership Program to Strengthen NIL Support for Utah Student-Athletes

SALT LAKE CITY – Crimson Collective, the premier Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) collective for University of Utah student-athletes, today announced the launch of its new website and membership platform. With the upgraded membership program, members will gain exclusive access to content, events, merchandise, and more, directly benefiting Utah student-athletes through NIL.
“We are so grateful for the Crimson Collective and the opportunities they provide to our student-athletes to engage in meaningful NIL opportunities that also benefit our community,” said Mark Harlan, University of Utah Director of Athletics. “We’re encouraging all of our great fans to help further elevate our student-athletes’ NIL opportunities by signing up for the Crimson Collective through the new website and enjoying all the benefits of membership. I cannot emphasize enough the critical nature of having our community behind us so we can continue our competitive excellence. We are continuing to build something special at the University of Utah, and the Crimson Collective is a tremendously innovative partner working to provide opportunities for our student-athletes.”
“I feel a great sense of pride every game day, knowing that I am representing not only the university but also the community and the passionate fan base that supports us,” said Isaac Wilson, quarterback and student-athlete at the University of Utah. “I am thrilled about the new logo and membership program, and I look forward to engaging with the fans more directly as they become members.”
Crimson Collective supporters, alumni, and fans have three simple ways to contribute to the collective:

  • Memberships: Become a member of Crimson Collective and receive exclusive member benefits like meet-and-greets with student-athletes, autographed merchandise, events, and more.
  • Corporate Sponsorships: NIL allows local and national sponsors to partner with University of Utah student-athletes for endorsement deals, marketing campaigns, appearances, and other projects.
  • Charitable Donations: The collective will continue to offer tax-deductible donations through its 501c3 organization.

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