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Excitement Builds for the 2024 Volleyball Nations League: What to Expect and Who Might Win

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With the 2024 Volleyball Nations League (VNL) fast approaching, the anticipation can be felt in the air as the volleyball world gets ready for a new season of excitement. This yearly event, now in its sixth edition, will be an exhibition of the highest level of talent as well as a place where the teams aiming to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics fight for their spot. The women’s side of the competition is set to start on May 14 followed by the men’s side starting on May 21, beginning a little earlier than previous leagues.

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The VNL 2024 Saga

The VNL’s format is intricately designed to determine the teams’ endurance, strategy and adaptability.

The format of the 2022 Preliminary Round has been replicated this year, with 16 teams competing in pools of 8, each team playing 12 games in the pool stage. This stage is crucial as only eight teams advance to the final knockout phase which is made up of four quarter finals, two semi-finals and the medal matches.

The knockout phase introduces a direct elimination formula, which promises a high-stakes game from the quarterfinals onward. One interesting twist is the host nation’s automatic qualification for the final round. Even if they do not achieve a top-eight finish in the preliminaries, they will replace the eighth positioned team and play in their place.

Moreover, with five Olympic slots up for grabs per gender, the VNL takes on added significance this year. So this time, the Preliminary Phase is not only about winning; it is about collecting the essential FIVB World Ranking points and making every match a decisive step towards the Olympic aspirations. This phase will definitely showcase a frenzy of volleyball action spanning across three weeks at six different venues around the world. 

Teams to Watch: The Candidates and the Opponents

In the 2024 VNL, the women’s segment will welcome France, who were triumphant in the VCC 2023 and are making their first appearance in the VNL. They are going to join an exclusive club of teams, comprising 3-time winners USA, the 2022 champions Italy, and the 2023 champions Türkiye.

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