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Since 2012, the FIVB has made significant changes to ensure the highest standards of good governance

The FIVB has achieved remarkable progress in governance and transparency since 2012, under the leadership of Dr Ary S. Graça F°. This 12-year journey has seen the global governing body of volleyball uphold the highest standards of good governance and transparency, while constantly reviewing and revising its legal framework to align with international best practices.

FIVB President Dr Ary S Graça F° said:

“Good governance is one of the FIVB’s driving principles. We must be well governed for volleyball to prosper, to guarantee the legacy of our sport for future generations, and to ensure our athletes and all our fans can have confidence in our sport.

“We have implemented significant changes over the past 12 years, all with the approval of the Congress. Of course, there is always more work to be done, and we will continue to review and update our Constitution to ensure it is fit for purpose and upholding the highest standards of integrity, transparency and good governance.”

Term Limits

Key to these reforms has been the introduction of term limits across all FIVB positions. In 2014, the FIVB set a 12-year maximum term limit for the president’s term, an eight-year initial mandate plus one four-year term for re-election. This commitment to good governance was furthered in 2022 with the FIVB Congress approving a maximum of three four-year terms for FIVB Board of Administration members starting in 2024.

Election of FIVB Board members and Integrity Check of Candidates for FIVB positions

Meanwhile, 2018 saw the implementation of several changes related to the FIVB elections. All Board members, except for Continental Confederation presidents, are now democratically elected by the FIVB Congress. This is a departure from the previous process whereby most members were elected by their Confederations a year prior to the Congress. Additionally, there are now mandatory integrity checks for all Board of Administration candidates. These checks are conducted by the FIVB Ethics Panel, ensuring that all potential Board members meet the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity before assuming their roles.

Appointed Members of the FIVB Board of Administration

In 2021, the FIVB Congress amended the FIVB Constitution, leading to significant structural changes. Co-opted members were removed from the FIVB Executive Committee, and appointed members were…

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