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NCAA Womens Volleyball

From Player to Coach on NGWSD – Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

From Player to Coach on NGWSD – Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

Growing up in a Muncie, Indiana, the rhythmic bounce of a volleyball became the soundtrack of Taylor Unroe’s childhood. Growing up, the now Associate Head Coach of Clemson Volleyball was captivated by the sport, a passion that ignited during her early years. Her journey commenced with the innocence of a child, dreaming big while holding onto the belief that anything was possible.

As a young athlete, Taylor displayed exceptional talent, catching the attention of coaches and peers alike. Her love for volleyball evolved into a commitment to excellence, paving the way for a remarkable journey that would see her transition from a promising young player to collegiate athlete to influential coach over the course of her career in and around the sport.

The path from aspiring child to collegiate athlete is often a challenging one, and Taylor navigated it with unrelenting determination. Making the most of every opportunity she had to learn and adapt to what each team she was a part of needed, she would come in an hour early for every practice to get in an early training session. She focused on watching what those older than her were doing, learning how to apply what they were doing to her game and getting coached for every situation that could arise.

Unexpected tragedy struck Taylor’s family when she was 14 years old, and one of the only things that kept her moving forward was a volleyball. A tournament went on to dictate her collegiate career after Florida’s recruiting coordinator saw her play just days after the tragedy. Just a few weeks later, she made the decision to play collegiately for Florida. Over the course of her five years as a Gator, she racked up numerous individual and team accolades. Finishing her collegiate playing career, she shifted her focus to staying around the sport from a coaching perspective.

After leaving an indelible mark as a player, Taylor faced a pivotal crossroads in her life – the transition from player to coach. Many athletes find this transition challenging, but she embraced the opportunity with open arms. Her decision to venture into coaching was fueled by a desire to give back to the sport that had shaped her character and provided her with invaluable life lessons.

While finishing up her master’s degree, Taylor participated in the ‘Coaches for Coaches Program’ through the AVCA. It provided her with free convention registration to attend different classes and network with other coaches in the industry….

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