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Manila, Philippines, May 25, 2024 – Hong Kong, China improved their standings in Pool B after a 3-0 match (25-14, 25-12, 25-12) against Singapore to open Day 4 of the 2024 AVC Challenge Cup. 

Hong Kong, China dominated in attacks (41 points) and service winners (8 aces) in Saturday morning’s opening match in Manila’s heritage sports complex, the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. 

Opposite Shum Lam led all scorers on the board with 17 points as Hong Kong, China’s top attacker. Outside hitter Chim Wing Lam also contributed with double figures, tallying 15 points in the win. 

“To be honest, we were as little bit nervous when we started the match so our coach talked into us some encouragement. We also communicated more as a team and helped one another. In that way, we could get our game plan going.

Hong Kong, China’s game plan included imposing pressure from the service line, which they have delivered. Chim Wing Lam alone scored five points out of their team total of 8 service aces. 

Singapore knew they had to deal with the service pressure, as they firmed up their unit at the backcourt. When they received the ball well, they were able to deliver good runs. Siow Yi Yin and Lai Tzak Hshin fired from the flanks to help in their campaign. They also converted on more blocks, which showcased the skill of the middles. 

Meanwhile. Hong Kong, China rookie Shum Lam was not showing any nerves with each swing that she could complete. She played consistently in attack and could also provide reinforcement in the block formation. 

As one of the senior players,  Chim Wing Lam could not be any prouder with the way her team is playing. 

“For me, it is touching, and really inspiring that our young players can perform well. I can see a bright future for them. They have a chance to come and see the world through volleyball,” she said.

The EAVA side have joined all three editions of the competition and are constantly looking to establish their team through consistent participation. 

“Our team is continuing to build its powerful and energetic style that’s why it’s important for us to join this championship.

“The Challenge Cup means that we would like to challenge the other teams, but mostly we want to challenge ourselves to play our best each time,” Chim Wing Lam added. 

Hong Kong, China will play against Kazakhstan in Sunday’s 13:00 match. Singapore have completed their bid in Pool B and will now await the full results for their match-up in the…

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