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Most interesting content from 2023

Inside Minnesota volleyball, with shin guards

I posted in my 2023 review the most-read posts from the blog last year. Here I want to share with you the most-read pieces of content I shared with subscribers to my weekly newsletter. To be honest, though, I’m a bit dubious about the results. There were a couple of editions that seemed to receive an unusually high amount of click-through compared to others. That’s skewed the tallies, but I don’t know exactly by how much. What I’ve decided to do is to share the top clicks by source. That way even if the figures are misleading, at least the sources will be correct.

  1. Youth teams trying to play like Olympic teams – one of my blog posts
  2. 10 Ways to be a More Positive Coach – JVA blog
  3. Passing Techniques and Systems- One Size Does Not Fit All – Jim Stone
  4. 2022 transfer trends released for Divisions I and II – NCAA
  5. In-System vs. Out of System Attacking – NCAA Volleyball (2023) – Chad Gordan’s Twitter
  6. A PowerPoint PDF from Volleyball New Zealand looking at FIVB rules changes. The bit about overlap is what folks were most interested in.
  7. Thinking About… Extra Balls / Wash Balls – Mark Lebedew via World of Volley
  8. Seven thoughts that may not be readily obvious for coaches – Dan Abrahams (Facebook)
  9. Is this drill teaching setting? – Alexis Lebedew
  10. Three books that every coach needs for ready reference – Vern Gambetta (Facebook)

If I were to guess the real numbers, I’d say Chad Gordon’s infographic was probably the most clicked link for 2023. Not that the stuff that sits above there by the numbers isn’t interesting. I just have my suspicions.

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