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International Volleyball

No more doubles; WSU hires; men’s recaps

Luke Benson attacks for BYU in the Cougars' NCAA men's volleyball match against Ball State in Provo, Utah

BYU’s Luke Benson attacks in the Cougars’ NCAA men’s volleyball match against Ball State/BYU photo

The NCAA will allow doubles, two liberos and nose rings in women’s volleyball, Washington State hired a head coach, and Loyola Chicago knocked off Hawai’i in Honolulu in the only upset among Friday’s nine NCAA men’s matches.

All that follows, but first a look at Saturday’s seven-match men’s schedule.

Two teams that have started 2-0 go at it at UC Santa Barbara when the No. 15 Gauchos play No. 7 Grand Canyon. 

No. 11 Ball State gets another crack at No. 9 BYU after losing there Friday and No. 16 Lewis goes to No. 6 Penn State.

USC, ranked No. 12, is home for Morehouse and No. 17 CSUN plays No. 20 George Mason and UC San Diego plays NJIT at UCSB. 

Want to watch an NCAA men’s volleyball match? If it’s being shown, we’ve got the viewing link in the VolleyballMag TV & Streaming Listings.

Doubles, two liberos, nose rings all OK

It’s the most contentious rule in the sport, the double by the setter. Some love it and others think the rule should be abolished. The latter appear to have gotten their way. From the NCAA news release Friday:

The NCAA Women’s Volleyball Rules Committee, which met this week in Indianapolis, recommended allowing players to contact the ball more than once with any part of the body in a single attempt on a team’s second contact when the ball is played to a teammate.

However, if the ball is played over the net in this type of scenario, it would be ruled a fault, and the team would lose the point.

All rule recommendations must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is tentatively scheduled to discuss women’s volleyball proposals Feb. 20.

Committee members debated the topic thoroughly before deciding to propose this change.

Through the years, officiating double contacts has sparked intense debates between coaches and volleyball officials during matches. Committee members think the proposed elimination of this judgment call can bring more consistency to the game.The committee also feels that it will promote the continuation of play, which would make the game more entertaining for the players and fans.

Data collected from an experimental rule in the spring of 2022 showed it will change only a small number of calls.

The NCAA also will allow teams to designate two liberos per set with just one on the court at at time.

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