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Burns promoted from assistant to head coach at Rockford

Several have asked my opinion, so here it goes … in broad strokes. Minutia in person, upon request.

Nuts and bolts
80/20 SOS/Win%
55.5 Quality Win Bonus
0.6 Quality Win Bonus Multiplier
10 Minimum Wins
No differentiation with Home/Away/Neutral or Number Of Sets

Ready. Set. Go.

First, I love the confidence of this dice roll. “We nailed this. Hay is in the barn with 2024 schedules. We can’t adjust the dials for two years, but trust us when we say we nailed this.”

My background soft pleas were for 85/15, 55-58 QWB, a 0.5 QWB Multiplier and no differentiations.

I figured 85/15 would not gain enough support and considered 80/20 a reasonable, acceptable compromise. The other dials were set within my range of preference, so if the dial-setters are wrong, then I am as well.

All that written, I have my fingers crossed like everyone else. And if they are being honest, I think that reference to “everyone else” includes the dial-setters themselves.

The last time DIII took away art from the lovely science and art project that was the selection process of recent years, it ended in what I think most (all?) of us consider a regrettable disaster. If you are old enough to remember, or care to remember it at all, here is to hoping this era does not turn into the Quality of Wins Index 2.0.

Onward with what we have been told we must accept. Crossing your toes, too, probably would not hurt.

-Ricky Nelson

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