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Stronger through the years

Stronger through the years

Iran captain Masoumeh Zarei Barouti has a glint of enthusiasm and passion in her eyes, as she shared her experience in the 2024 WPV Final Paralympics Qualifier in Dali, China, and the passion for the sport she loves.

โ€œI am very happy to be here in Dali,โ€ said Zarei Barouti with a voice tinged with excitement. โ€œWe are trying to get the best results. We are training hard and playing hard, but we are just happy, more than happy to be competing here.โ€

Her joy for this experience is quite evident, reflecting not just the thrill of the competition but also the profound gratitude for the opportunities bestowed upon her team.

โ€œThe Iranian womenโ€™s team has been very active in the past years, competing in a number of event,โ€ she remarked.

โ€œThere is a programme supporting women in different areas, including sitting volleyball. Our Sports Ministry, our Paralympic Committee, our Federation, all of them support this programme for us to be here and joining in other equally important high-level events.โ€

Masoumeh Zarei Barouti leads as captain of the Iranian womenโ€™s sitting volleyball team at the 2024 WPV Final Paralympcis Qualifier in Dali, China

Her journey in the discipline spans over two decades, each year infused with a deepening love for the sport and dedication to her country.

โ€œI have been playing sitting volleyball for 25 years,โ€ she revealed. โ€œI have all this energy after all these years because I just love the sport. I love my country, and I have a deep appreciation for those who support people with disabilities. This is what makes me strong.โ€

Beyond her individual achievements, Zarei Barouti sees herself as part of a larger movement, a catalyst for change and progress within Para sports.

โ€œThe support for our team, under one federation taking care of Para sports, and with the help of the Ministry and the Paralympic Committee, gives better focus for the disabled,โ€ she explained.

โ€œThere is better development in activities for them. I think this is the best condition for our programme, so special needs could be taken care of.โ€

Masoumeh Zarei Barouti at the 2022 WPV Sitting Volleyball World Championships in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With her experience, she is not only inspiring her teammates but also future generations of athletes.

Her teammate Zahra Nejatiaref spoke about Zarei Baroutiโ€™s influence with a lot of reverence.

โ€œShe is one of the most experienced players around the world, not just in Iran. I learn from…

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