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International Volleyball

Volleyball today: NCAA approves doubles; AVCA poll; men’s recaps; PVF, LOVB updates

Volleyball today: NCAA approves doubles; AVCA poll; men's recaps; PVF, LOVB updates

Ohio State’s Justin Howard hits over the Purdue Fort Wayne defense/Kirk Irwin photo

If you’re old enough, you remember the jingle for Doublemint gum:

“Double your pleasure, double your fun … ” 

Well, in NCAA women’s volleyball from now on, double on. 

That’s because “The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved allowing women’s volleyball players to contact the ball more than once with any part of the body in a single attempt on a team’s second contact when the ball is played to a teammate.”

The full NCAA news release, with other rules changes, follows.

So does the latest AVCA men’s poll and POW, and our recap of Tuesday’s NCAA men’s volleyball, that included a five-set MIVA win by No. 7 Ohio State and a five-set Conference Carolinas win by Belmont Abbey.

There’s also news on the pro front, including Pro Volleyball Federation, LOVB and Athletes Unlimited.

Doubles, nose rings, two liberos

We interviewed the chair of the NCAA Division I rules committee, Northern Colorado coach Lyndsey Oates, when the committee approved all the changes . You can read that story here.

The rest of the NCAA news release:

Two liberos

The panel approved each team being allowed to designate two liberos for each set of the match. Only one libero would be allowed on the court at a time, and the libero would be allowed to serve in one position.

The rationale for the proposal is to allow more players the opportunity to compete and to increase action and improve play.

Other rules changes

  • Allowing the referee to issue an administrative sanction (red card) to the home team in instances where spectators encroach the playing area and the host administration fails to resolve the problem.
  • Allowing interference above the net (whether an opponent was touched) to be added to the list of plays that can be challenged in video review.
  • Expanding the jewelry rule to allow small, snug-fitting nose rings and ear cuffs.
  • Requiring all protests to be resolved during the match.

Experimental rule

The Women’s Volleyball Rules Committee in January approved an experimental rule to allow women’s teams to use the men’s/international volleyball (nonsmooth cover) during the nontraditional season this spring.


Daemen, a fifth-year program in the NEC currently 8-2, is in at No. 20, ranked for the first time. The Wildcats are tied for the last spot with UC San Diego. Daemen is a Division II school located in Amherst, New York, near Buffalo. 

The top four teams — Long Beach State…

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