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How to Prevent Ankle Problems? This Product from Zamst Will Help You

How to Prevent Ankle Problems? This Product from Zamst Will Help You

You know it yourself, sometimes your ankle hurts after volleyball practice or a match. Sometimes it’s a moderate pain, sometimes you get an ankle sprain and sometimes it’s even a worse ankle injury.


In my professional volleyball career, I have seen many approaches to treating ankle problems and in this video I want to suggest one way that may be appropriate for you.

In my videos I advise you to do a lot of preventative exercises to prevent pain, it’s just that sometimes by accident or through an opponent’s mistake you can experience unpleasant situation and subsequent pain in your ankle.
And it is if you get a lighter ankle sprain, I mean up to level 2, that this

Ankle brace A1 for volleyball players from Zamst can provide you with a good service.

If you’re not familiar with Zamst, Zamst is a brand of braces, supports and care products for athletes, created in NIPPON Sigmax Co., Ltd., a medical device manufacturer who has been developing and manufacturing products for the orthopedics field for 50 years. Zamst products are also used by volleyball stars such as Wilfredo Leon (B roll: I am part of Zamst family), Polish star Magda Stysiak and Japanese Yuji Nishida.

I have come across their products myself and have now tested their A1 ankle brace during my training sessions, which is very suitable for volleyball players.

Ankle brace A1 is lightweight, pleasant to the touch. It stabilizes your ankle with three-way straps that tighten your ankle similar to when you tape your ankle. And you all know you don’t want to tape your ankle several times a week.

Unlike putting on the Zamst Ankle Brace A1, anyone can do it and after a one-two attempts it will take you only a few seconds. Once you tighten the straps to your liking, the brace precisely stays aligned with your ankle shape and after that ankle brace A1 provide precise ankle support by the anatomically correct stays.

The upper strap that wraps around the ankle can be easily adjusted for the strength of the wrapping by using the adjuster.
The strap that goes under the foot is non-slip, make it won’t less shift under the shoes.

When I wear the ankle brace A1 on my feet during my training I feel its help and support to my ankle. It doesn’t restrict my movement in any way, I can comfortably train in it on the step box, jump rope, make some serves, or jump to block. I also…

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